Brussels Police Band

sound of the local police force

From the capital of Belgium

And from the capital of Europe

In 1923 a few musicians in the police force decided to start a music band.  This young  music association, consisting of volunteers, got official recognition and received in 1930 its own banner as a gift from the city of Brussels represented by the former mayor Jules Anspach.
Slowly the band became reputed and by the end of the thirties already included 140 musicians.  WO II brutally ended further expansion.  

In 1946 the Police band of Brussels was reinstated.  In 1947 the band had the honour to play at a reception offered by His Royal Highness, the Prince Regent Karel to 80 Belgian and allied Generals.  For this event the band received the title of honour “Royal” by which their name changed into “Koninklijke Harmonie van de Politie Brussel en Voorstad” (“Royal Band of the Police Force of Brussels and District”).
The band was making good progress and had big successes thanks to the guidance of conductors like Gustave De Roeck and Gaston Devenijns.
In the seventies the Police force of Brussels suffered, just like all cities, from a shortage of manpower.  The musicians were very much needed to fulfil the necessary police tasks.
This was the start of the band’s decay even though it was never dissolved.  Ceremonies of the police corps were graced by a handful of musicians. 

In 1988 the band revived again.  A police officer of the Corps of Ukkel and a former member of the “band of the Chasseurs Ardenais”, Charlie Pisane and a police-musician of the crops of Jette, René Vanhemelryck reformed the band with the approval of the Conference of corps commanders and the Conference of the Mayors.  The band, formed with musicians from 19 police corpses are named “Harmonie van de Politiekorpsen van het Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest”.
This band now counts 52 musicians and is guided by Hans Moreels and Jacques Piccarelle.